Nazywam się Luks Piekut, jestem ambasadorem kreatywnej krainy zwanej Luksemburk. Zapraszam! / My name is Luks Piekut, I am an ambassador of Luksemburk creative land. Welcome!


My name is Luks Piekut and Luksemburk is the creative land where I realize projects from the area of culture, art, design and fashion. The final projects are environmentally friendly, especially for the wine environment - I am wine lover.


Luksemburk is the area rich in resources of creative ideas. The main exported products are: graphic design projects, branding, printed forms, publications, packaging designs, bottles, photo and video sesions.


My day starts with a pencil and paper. I look for inspiration everywhere. I watch movies, read books, travel, drink wine.

Feel free to visit Luksemburk.

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