My name is Luks Piekut. I’m a graphic designer. Luksemburk is the creative studio where I realize projects dedicated mainly to the wine industry, culture and art institutions. Areas of my activities are widely understood as visual communication – brand identification, print design, packaging concepts, web design, photo and video sessions.
I am from Poland, I am a digital nomad. I work for Polish and foreign Clients.

Some Clients I've worked for


Favourite Design / Lumière

Packaging of the World / Lumière

Package Inspiration / Lumière

Packaging of the World  / Slice of wine

Package Inspiration / Slice of wine

The Dieline / Pink Glasses

Lovely Package / Pink Glasses

Trend Hunter / Pink Glasses

Packaging of the World / Pink Glasses

F5 / Pink Glasses

Trend Hunter / Syrena

Packaging of the World / Syrena

The Dieline / Ilurce

Packaging of the World / Ilurce

print control / Wytrawne teksty

Packaging of the World / Locus Ameno

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